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Products & Services
Our Products
No single investment product or strategy is suitable for everybody. This is why we provide one of the most extensive product lines available for our advisors and clients. By providing a broad selection of quality products, your advisor can chose investments tailored to your individual requirements. Your investment plan will take into consideration your financial goals, risk tolerance, short and long term objectives, income tax implications and personal situations.
Our full range of financial products includes:
Mutual Funds
GIC's (CDIC Insured)
Daily High Interest Savings Accounts (CDIC Insured)
RSP's  RIF's  LIRA's  LIF's
Non-registered accounts (OPEN, ITF)
Registered Educational Savings Plans
Individual Pension Plans
Tax Free Savings Accounts
Our Services
Candor Financial Group associates and advisors are fully qualified to sell and advise you on our entire financial product line. Our Advisors may offer the following services independently which are offered outside and are not the business or responsibility of Candor Financial Group Inc.

Financial Planning
Tax Planning
Estate Planning
Succession Planning
Tax Preparation and Consulting
Life and Disabilty Insurance analysis
Segregated Insurance Funds
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